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Crowley Peritz Law: Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers

Crowley Peritz Law is a criminal defense law firm located at 10560 Main Street, Unit 501 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 and may be reached at (703) 337-3773. Our attorneys practice exclusively in criminal and traffic defense and represent both adults and juveniles throughout Northern Virginia. Our criminal lawyers understand that each criminal offense has its own fact pattern and requires a tailored defense plan. Whether you have been charged with a class 1 misdemeanor, such as a 1st offense DUI, or a felony assault charge, our attorneys have the background and expertise needed to build your best possible defense, keep our communication lines open with you, and be in your corner at all times.

Choosing the Best Virginia Criminal Attorneys

With over 20 years of combined experience in both criminal and traffic defense, our lawyers are experts in a variety of misdemeanor and felony crimes. We understand that choosing the best Virginia criminal lawyer for your case is not a simple task. There are numerous criminal law firms and attorneys in Fairfax and throughout Virginia, and we encourage our potential clients to research them. You and your family should feel comfortable and confident in your attorney’s legal capacity, the accessibility offered to you, and jurisdictional knowledge.

The attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law accept a limited number of cases each month to ensure that each case receives the necessary attention and preparation required to build the best defense. Our attorneys practice strictly within criminal and traffic defense, setting us apart from many legal teams in Northern Virginia. Our law firm knows the Virginia court systems, the judges, the prosecutors and the consequences for each crime. We represent adults and juveniles who have been charged with the following offenses in Virginia:

Assault & Battery


Drug Offenses

Larceny & Property Crimes

Reckless Driving & Traffic Misdemeanors

Probation Violations

Sex Crimes

Crowley Peritz Law: Locations Served

While the office of Crowley Peritz Law is in Fairfax, Virginia, our attorneys handle criminal and traffic cases throughout Northern Virginia. We place an emphasis on Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William. Our criminal lawyers represent both adults and juveniles in the following jurisdictions:






Prince William


U.S. District Court (Eastern District of Virginia)


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Virginia Assault and Battery Lawyers

Assault & Battery or “simple assault” is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia and may carry a sentence of up to 12 months in jail, a maximum $2500 fine and restitution to the victim. Assault is the threat to physically harm another person, while battery is intentionally causing injury to the person. Domestic assault or “domestic violence” is also a class 1 misdemeanor, so long as the charge is a 1st or 2nd offense. A 3rd offense domestic assault charge is a felony in Virginia.

While simple assault is a misdemeanor, it is important to understand that there are assault-related felonies in Virginia as well. Most notably, malicious wounding, aggravated malicious wounding, manslaughter, a 3<sup>rd</sup> offense domestic assault charge, hate crimes and assault and battery crimes against certain protected employees. The penalties for Class 5 and Class 6 felony assault &amp; battery crimes in Virginia may result in 5 to 10 years in prison, heavy fines, restitution and court-ordered programs and classes.

While the laws surrounding misdemeanor assault charges throughout Virginia do not change, the process may differ within each jurisdiction. An assault charge in Fairfax, for example, may be handled differently by a prosecutor than an assault case in Loudoun County. Hiring a criminal lawyer who understands not only the charge, but also the court’s process is a critical component of your defense.

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Expert Attorneys for DUI & DWI in Virginia: Misdemeanor & Felony

Drunk driving is all too common in Virginia. Every day (or night) drivers take to the road after consuming too much alcohol (or drugs) and are considered impaired. However, there are many drivers who consume a single drink, but they are still arrested and charged with DUI or DWI. Many of our clients who have a pending DUI in Virginia are first time offenders, who have never been inside of a courtroom. With over 20 years representing individuals facing DUI and DWI charges, the attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law are specialists in DWI defense. We are eager to discuss your charge and build the best defense possible because we know your life is at stake.

Virginia classifies both 1st and 2nd offense DUI/DWI as Class 1 misdemeanors. A 3rd or subsequent offense DUI is a Class 6 Felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a $2500 fine and indefinite license suspension or revocation by the DMV. A felony conviction also results in losing your right to vote or own a firearm, as well as possible reporting of the conviction to your employment prospects. A felony DUI conviction in Virginia may also subject your vehicle to permanent forfeiture.

Each DUI case in Fairfax, Manassas, Loudoun or anywhere in Virginia needs a customized defense by an experienced DUI lawyer. It is easy to feel as though you will never recover from a DUI charge in Virginia. The important thing to keep in mind is that just because you have been charged with DUI that does not mean you be automatically convicted of DUI in Virginia. Each DWI and DUI case is different, and although some fact patterns may align with other DUI cases (i.e. you were pulled over initially for speeding), your DUI charge must be treated as a unique situation. Whether you have been charged with DUI in Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun or elsewhere in Northern Virginia, we know how to fight for you. Our consultations are always free of charge and untimed. It is important for our DUI lawyers to understand the entire incident, your concerns and priorities so that our attorneys may explain how they plan to approach your case in court.

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Virginia Criminal Lawyers for Drug Crimes

 Drug crimes in Virginia vary from misdemeanors to felonies. Most Virginia drug crimes fall into one of the following categories: simple drug possession, possession with intent to distribute (PWID), distribution or manufacturing, and transportation of drugs. Certain drug possession crimes are classified as felonies, even if the defendant is a first-time offender. It is critical that you do not attend your court hearings pro se (without an attorney). It is easy to believe that a judge or prosecutor will show mercy on someone who is coming to court for the first time, but all too often this turns into a conviction. Be sure to research the best attorneys in Virginia for drug offenses, so that you have the right advocate in your corner.

Virginia classifies illegal drugs into six categories. Some common Schedule I drugs in Virginia include heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. These drugs are regarded as having a high potential for abuse with no medical benefit to the user. Schedule II drugs may include fentanyl, cocaine, Adderall, Ritalin, morphine, and codeine. While legal through a prescription, many of our clients charged with possession of a Schedule II drug, such as Adderall, do not have proof at the time of their arrest that they are prescribed the drug. Schedule III drugs include anabolic steroids, while Schedule IV drugs include Xanax, Clonazepam and Valium. While these drugs are regularly prescribed, they have a moderate risk for abuse. Schedule V and VI drugs include minor doses of codeine, such as an over the counter cold medicine.

The criminal lawyers of Crowley Peritz Law have represented countless individuals charged with drug possession, PWID, distribution, manufacturing, and transporting drugs into Virginia. Some of these drugs include cocaine, marijuana, heroin, Adderall, oxycontin, ecstasy, and Xanax. Regardless of where or how you were charged with a drug crime, each drug offense has its own set of facts and must be handled accordingly. Penalties for drug crimes in Fairfax and throughout Virginia vary to include the following penalties: mandatory jail time, heavy fines, rehabilitation programs and court-ordered classes, and probation. Our attorneys for Fairfax drug offenses understand how to best approach your case, build a tailored defense, and keep communication open with you throughout the duration of your case.


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Larceny & Property Crimes in Virginia: Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

Larceny and property crimes in Virginia range in severity, depending on certain circumstances. For a larceny crime, the individual who has been charged must have taken an item of value without the owner’s consent. The defendant must also have the intention to permanently deprive the owner of that item. The value amount and other circumstances determine whether a theft crime is classified as a misdemeanor or felony.

Some examples of larceny and theft crimes include petit (misdemeanor, if 1st or 2nd offense) larceny and grand larceny (felony), altering price tags, and concealment, fraud, forgery and embezzlement. Property crimes may include a larceny element, such as burglary and robbery, and include crimes against property. Some examples include trespassing, arson, and destruction of property. Many individuals who have been charged with larceny or a property crime in Virginia have never been in trouble prior to that incident. Our criminal lawyers are here to help. We are available for free consultations to discuss your case, help you understand the court process, and work together to build your defense.

Our attorneys who represent larceny defendants have extensive experience handling misdemeanor larceny crimes in Fairfax, Loudoun and throughout Virginia. A misdemeanor larceny crime occurs when the item is valued at under $1.000. Misdemeanor theft convictions in Virginia carry a maximum 12-month jail sentence, a maximum fine of $2500 and typically full restitution to the victim. Additionally, when the victim is a retailer, the defendant is often banned from the store for 12 months to life.

Felony theft convictions in Virginia have the potential to be life-altering. Grand Larceny is a common felony theft crime in Virginia, and our attorneys have represented hundreds of individuals with this pending charge. Robbery and burglary, while aggravated forms, are also common felony theft-related crimes in Virginia. Burglary entails the breaking and entering of a home or establishment with the intent to commit a felony. Robbery is the intentional taking of an item (without permission) from a person or in the person’s presence by threatening the use of physical force.

Whether you have been charged with a 1st offense petit larceny crime in Virginia, or you are facing multiple counts of robbery, you need a criminal lawyer who understands theft laws and procedures. A first-time misdemeanor larceny offense, even if the item was only worth a small amount, must be treated as seriously as standard larceny crime. A larceny conviction, whether misdemeanor or felony, may prevent employment opportunities or, if felonious, take away your right to vote or own a firearm. Consult with highly rated larceny attorneys today so we may walk you through the court’s process, what to expect, and how we will approach your case.


Criminal Lawyers for Virginia Probation Violations

If you have been convicted of a certain misdemeanor or felony offense in Fairfax or anywhere in Virginia, you may have been sentenced to a probationary term, such as required appointments with your probation officer, regular drug screenings and classes. If you violate those terms, the Virginia court where you were sentenced will likely charge you with a probation violation. Our criminal attorneys often represent individuals who were previously convicted of DUI or a drug offense and have violated their probationary terms.

Some of the most common probation violations our attorneys handle include missing a VASAP class, ignition interlock violations, not reporting on time to an appointment with a probation officer, failing drug tests, failing to appear at a court hearing or pay court fines, and being re-arrested for new crimes. Probation violations in Virginia must be taken seriously. Many judges have a zero-tolerance policy and will quickly sentence you to jail time for a first offense violation.

If you have been charged with a probation violation, it is important to note that hiring an experienced attorney is the best position to put yourself in. For a judge to convict you of the violation, a prosecutor must prove that you intentionally violated your probationary terms. It is your attorney’s duty to create a reasonable doubt that you acted intentionally. If you failed to pay court fines, your attorney may be able to negotiate new payment terms. If you failed a drug screening, your lawyer may argue for a substance abuse program or counseling. Regardless of the type of violation or the reason behind it, you need an attorney by your side who will fight to keep you out of jail and a violation conviction off your record.

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Virginia Attorneys for Reckless Driving & Traffic Misdemeanors

Reckless Driving in Virginia is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which carries a jail sentence of up to 12 months and maximum fine of $2500. Reckless driving comes in many forms, but the most common are by speed and “generally.” If you are pulled over for driving 20 MPH over the speed limit or 85 MPH, the officer may choose to charge you with reckless driving. It is always in your best interest to hire an attorney to represent you on a reckless driving charge.

Other common traffic misdemeanors our attorneys handle include: Driving on a Suspended License, Driving on a Revoked License, Driving without Being Licensed, and Hit & Run (may be a felony). The penalties associated with these traffic crimes depend on offense number, but the majority fall into the Class 1 Misdemeanor category. Although some of these offenses appear to be minor, they may have lasting implications on your life and driving record. You may receive demerit points on your license, jail time, heavy fines or a loss of license. No matter the type of traffic misdemeanor, the attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law are prepared to fight for you and do everything we can to keep your license instated, points off your record and conviction-free.

Our traffic attorneys often witness these individuals represent themselves before a judge, and it almost never goes as they had planned. For first time offenders in Virginia, it is easy to assume you will not need a traffic lawyer to represent you in court. Unfortunately, a misdemeanor traffic conviction may result in serious consequences for your driving record, insurance and employment opportunities. Many reckless driving defendants make the mistake of thinking they do not need legal representation, and they end up with a misdemeanor conviction on their record. If you have a pending reckless driving ticket, contact us today.

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Criminal Attorneys for Sex Crimes in Virginia

Many people first contact our criminal lawyers for sex offenses after they have been contacted by a detective. In most circumstances a detective will contact an individual asking him or her to come into the police station for questioning. If this has happened to you, stop what you are doing and contact our office immediately at: (703) 337-3773 before returning any phone calls. It is imperative that you have legal counsel by your side during any form of police questioning.

Some of the most common sex crimes our Virginia lawyers handle are sexual assault, sexual battery, child pornography and computer crimes, rape, and sodomy. Each sex crime carries different penalties, and its critical that your attorney understands the statute inside and out.

Many sex crimes in Virginia have the longest lasting repercussions of any criminal offense. If convicted, some of these crimes require a permanent registration on the National Sex Offender Registry, and result in limited areas to live and extreme difficulty securing employment. You cannot risk hiring a criminal lawyer who lacks experience in sex crimes. Your life is at stake and you must have an attorney who understands your specific charge, has experience representing people in your shoes, has extensive knowledge of the jurisdiction where you have been charged, and can outline his or her approach to your case.

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Why Choose the Criminal Attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law?

Being accused of a crime turns your world upside down. There could be a job, a security clearance, a professional license, a driver’s license, an immigration status or personal or professional reputation at stake. In some cases, the possibility of spending time in jail or prison is real, and you need a legal powerhouse on your side. Our Fairfax criminal lawyers treat each case as a unique legal challenge that requires a tailored defense. The criminal attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law are ready to review your case free of charge, discuss your possible defenses, and protect you inside and outside of the courtroom.

We will tailor your best defense and bring you immediate peace of mind by taking the fear and mystery out of the process. Whether you have been charged with a class 1 misdemeanor or multiple felonies, we understand you want top-notch legal representation to guide you through the judicial system. Our criminal lawyers believe preparing you for what to expect at every phase, and that giving you easy access to your attorney is every bit as important as representing you in court. An informed, updated client is an invaluable asset in defending a criminal case.


Matthew's Reviews

Will take care of you as if you were FAMILY!

August 10, 2020

Mr. Crowley is very responsive and punctual with respect to time. I would get immediate responses via text/email and never did I feel neglected or feel like just another client. Since the very first time I heard his voice I knew I found the right person, not lawyer, but person who I wanted to represent me. Mr. Crowley opened up time in his busy schedule to meet with me in person upon my request numerous times in order to bring me comfort and clarity. He is very flexible with payment plans although I chose to pay everything off upfront just because I felt so good about his services. If you’re looking for an attorney that is truly caring, someone who’s kind hearted, and who has genuine compassion for people and life’s circumstances, please look no further! Thank you Mr. Crowley for all the amazing work that you do! God bless you and your family, always!

Excellent Lawyer!!!

March 30, 2019

Mr. Crowley is a great lawyer. I cannot thank him enough for his help. I believe one of his strongest characteristics is his experience. Mr. Crowley was great with making sense of all the information pertaining to me. He is very thorough with his work. He is also extremely smart.

My family and I are extremely grateful to have hired him. If you need legal counsel, you will always make the best choice in working with Mr. Crowley. I cannot express how GREAT Mr. Crowley is within his profession.

DUI Lawyer

January 28, 2020

Mathew Crowley was competent and an excellent representative, he really helped me through a tough time. If you have been arrested for DUI, call him immediately. He's the best.

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Seth’s Reviews

Got a case? Choose Seth for best outcome!

February 29, 2020

If you hire Seth, which I recommend you do, he will always be available through text and call ( I personally preferred text.) His rates are VERY reasonable compared to other lawyers in the area, but I don't know them and I know Seth. He will explain literally every single detail that can be contested. In my case, Seth reduced 40 days jail time to 4 days because he took the time to look through all of the evidence (video, reports). As a result, I still have my job. Seth is not a magical solution to all your problems, but if there is something in your case that can be contested, Seth will find it and discuss it with you. In addition, he was able to recommend a consult within 24 hours with an Immigration Attorney for me since I am not a citizen at the moment. I am not rich enough to have an attorney on retainer at the moment, but I fully endorse Seth's capabilities as a lawyer. If you're facing any kind of charge, consult Seth (full disclosure: as of this review, I know him only for traffic/DUI charges). I will recommend Seth to anyone who needs a consult - friends, family, and for you on the internet. To anyone reading this, I don't know you situation, but if you can afford to choose your own lawyer, Seth will deliver the best results. He does not shy away from trails and he fights for his clients. The ultimate decision will rest with you, but talk to Seth and he will negotiate legal outcomes that are closest to what you were hoping for.

The best of the best

February 1, 2020

Seth Peritz is the first attorney I've ever hired but I'm glad I did research and chose him for the job. He has great drive and does all that he can to push for the best outcome on your behalf. He made everything clear and knows what he is doing. If you ever need an attorney you can depend on, Seth Peritz is the guy!


August 17, 2020

Mr. Peritz helped me reduce my DUI to reckless AND fought to get my other case dropped. I am beyond grateful to have had him as my lawyer! He always kept me updated with my court dates and the changes that happened as well. Thank you so much Seth!!

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.